There Are Many Benefits To Solid Surface Countertops

The biggest advantage to solid surface counters is the flexible design possibilities. Solid surface counters are made through a process of heat and pressure that is applied to mixtures of acrylic or polyester resins, powder fillers and pigments. This means they can be formed to any shape and size.

The visual versatility in appearance and the cost of solid surface countertops are distinct advantages over other types of surfaces.

Any color or pattern can be created by adding various additives that can give speckled looks like granite or particles that give a swirled look like marble. There are processes that can even add specks of metal that give the countertop a copper-like appearance. The surface can be finished with a high gloss ranging all the way down to a dull matte finish.

The cost of creating such wonderful countertops is considerably less than a natural stone. There are many different edge treatments, finishes, and sink types that can be incorporated into your solid surface countertops to fit any vision.

4 Reasons to Choose Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are the perfect way to achieve a sleek, modern look in any space in your home. Get the high-end appearance of stone or wood without paying nearly the same price.  The material is:

  1. Non-porous, impervious to bacteria
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Cheaper than quartz or granite
  4. Renewable – if it’s scratched or damaged we’ll come out and repair it

Features and Benefits

  • Stain Resistant — (most stains can be wiped or scrubbed away)
  • Antimicrobial — (bacteria, mold, and mildew resistant)
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 51 Certified — TThe material is safe for food contact for all types of food. That’s why it’s great for kitchen countertops.
  • Green guard NSF Indoor Air Quality Certified — It does not outgas any of the roughly 300 substances that Green guard deems harmful, and does not degrade the quality of indoor air.
  • SCS Certified Recycled Content — Using these select types of solid surface that qualify for recycled content shows that conserving natural resources is important to you and your projects.
  • Renewable — (easy to repair scratches, chips, gouges, or cracks)
  • Hard to detect Seams — Large surfaces require seams regardless of the material used. With solid surface, the seams are either invisible or remarkably hard to detect.
  • Thermo formable — (heat and bend into curves and shapes)
    Once it is in this state, it resembles a thick wet lasagna noodle. When you drape the “noodle” over an object, solid surface will conform to the shape and retain that shape when it cools.
  • Resistant to Majority of Common Chemicals – Solid surface is not impacted by chemicals like ammonia, mild acids, and trisodium phosphates.
  • Outdoor Applications
    The lighter colors of solid surface show very little weather or UV impact after many years in outdoor applications such as signs, outdoor benches, and cladding for buildings. An added benefit of the material is that graffiti can be removed without changing the appearance of the surface.

With our manufacturing and fabrication facility that’s located in Helotes TX, we are able to supply home builders and homeowners fast and accurate product solutions. For commercial applications, our facility can provide and customize the solution you are looking for.

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