Living Stone® Acrylic solid surface countertops came to the market in the late 1960’s. Timeless style and legendary performance are the two main reasons why solid surface countertops have remained immensely popular since they first hit the showrooms. People love the virtually invisible, impervious seams that solid surface offers. They love the sleek, integrated solid surface sinks that are easy to clean with no sink lips to trap where germs can hide.

And they love that LivingStone solid surface counter tops are nonporous, so germs and odors can’t penetrate. When you clean LivingStone solid surface countertops they are really clean. Solid surface is easy to clean – just wipe it down with equal parts of water and bleach. Solid surface also resists impacts and stains. Stains simply can’t penetrate 100% acrylic solid surface (even without needing to be sealed like granite). However, if you do manage to damage your solid surface countertops, do

Usually, just buffing with a ScotchBrite® pad will remove all but the deepest scratches. And even if your solid surface countertop is seriously damaged, in almost all cases your installer can easily repair it.n’t worry because they are renewable with surprisingly little fuss.